South Africa: Durban-Cape Town-Joburg


South Africa, often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’ because of its newly developing multicultural diversity, is the upcoming nation. South Africa well-known for its history, its rich culture and breath-taking flora and fauna, and beaches, also stands its ground when it comes to contemporary subjects. While Johannesburg is labelled trendy and famous for its hipster scene, Cape Town was awarded the World Design Capital 2014 by the International Council of Industrial Design, offering the best design, food and art events, which has its effect on social change and economic inclusion. Durban already awarded the title ‘Africa’s Leading Meetings and Conference Destination’ by World Travel Award, was declared one of the New7Wonders cities of the world, characterised by rapid urbanisation, diversity, innovation, and aspirations of a global urban civilisation, early 2015. And we have not even mentioned the wine scene, safari scene, and other magnificent places.

The fieldtrip is both educational and entertaining. It is an immersion into an African business context, and aims to enrich your knowledge, to enhance your understanding of other cultures, and understanding of yourself.

Who will benefit from this fieldtrip?
This fieldtrip is meant for people who want to broaden their perspectives. Business consultants, designers and other creative crowds. It is the open mindset that counts.

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