Creative Scrum offers three types of consultancy services, initiating changes ranging from peripheral changes to complete transformation, all evolving around one key question: how do we build an environment for co-creation and social change?

Service interaction design – this service concept is based on the (re)design of the service interface. Creative Scrum helps organisations to (re)design the service interactions between organisations and their end-users.

Service design intervention – this service concept is based on the redesign of service interactions. By questioning the norms and values of the organisation Creative Scrum helps organisations to rethink organisational elements around new service experiences.

Organisation transformation – this service concept is based on bringing about a whole system change by helping organisations to engage in a transformative dialogue and by doing so help create an intuitive and holistic narrative that directs intentions within the organisations and enables creative entrepreneurship.

Creative Scrum aims to connect with organisations that acknowledge these changes and want to cope; or better yet, stay ahead of the game. Organisations, corporations, institutions; profit and non-profit; start-ups and established organisations; B2C and B2B. In any industry.


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