Every week we stroll through the vacancies to see what is happening out there. We are particularly interested in the vacancies asking for a change agent. And every time we are amazed at the ask in those ads. We mean no disrespect, but we feel that most of those organisations are building that legendary ‘faster horse’. Apparently there are still organisations that believe in the top-down approach when it comes to implementing change? Have they not read the results of the extensive research that has been done on this subject? Don’t they know that approx. 70% of the change efforts fail because of this approach? And are there still change agents with that same mindset, disregarding the fact that we live in different times in which top-down approaches just don’t cut it anymore? As Ramaswamy & Gouillart (2010) so eloquently put it: “As long as we are passive recipients of processes designed by the company, our work experience tends to be mediocre – it’s not optimized for us, and we can’t influence it. But if we’re given the latitude to redesign our interactions, we can change the quality of our experience”. The new frame of reference for value creation is the premise that value is co-created: value co-creation with employees and customers! We’re just saying!

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