vuurtoren-william-boutEvery week I set out to see how organisations are adapting to the changing environment; whether or not they are picking up on what’s happening out there. That’s why I am particularly interested in vacancies, because they give so much information. They often start out promising, but a few lines into it, I am often disappointed by the ask.

When looking for a change agent is wanted, it often turns out they are asking for people who will help them manage a predestined, top-down change route; notwithstanding the fact that research has overwhelmingly shown us that change efforts fashioned that way have an expiry date. Or when a ‘regular’ manager is wanted, the vacancy often breaths a mechanistic view of organisations, in which performance outcomes are expected based on assumptions of predictability, linearity and an innate cause and effect relationship. I mean no disrespect, but I feel that those organisations are setting themselves up for failure. This is where an imagineer can be helpful!

An imagineer can help you put what is happening in the world around us into perspective and can show you additional ways of seeing. E.g. an imagineer sees your organisation as a complex adaptive system in which order emerges bottom-up through the interactions that take place within your organisation and with the outside world. An imagineer understands that your organisation is self-organising, dynamic and emergent and that as such employees’ behaviour is unpredictable. An imagineer can show you a different type of leadership – e.g. complexity leadership – for facilitating the processes taking place within your organisation. An imagineer understands that the new frame of reference for value creation is the premise that value is co-created and can help your organisation shift the enterprise logic from a goods dominant logic towards a service dominant logic, in which the application of knowledge and skills is the basis for all exchange, and goods are the vehicles for service distribution. Adopting a service dominant logic will enable your organisation to cross the conventional industry borders, to rethink your business model, and by doing so, to create new opportunities for your organisation.

So, if you want to create a space for your organisation to develop by itself, a space for change, you need to hire an imagineer. Not necessarily me, but preferably! But any imagineer will do.

Give me a call, drop me a note, drop by, or invite me to drop by, and we’ll have a chat to see if we can hook up, or what other imagineer(s) I can hook you up with.

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(Photo: William Bout)